DIY Fall Sign and Fabric Pumpkin

Fall is in the air and I am LOVIN’ it! I’ll be honest and say I do hate to see summer go (it is my favorite) but I love so much about Fall – well, mainly PUMPKINS, pumpkins, and MORE pumpkins! A week or so ago, I was searching online for something to make a fall sign and I found a free printable (link below) that I knew I had to find a place for it! Today, I found a frame that a friend had gotten me (I love the picture in it but I’m just switching it up for the season) and knew it would be perfect for what I had in mind. I had also pulled out one of my Fall decor’ totes and found a Dollar Tree pumpkin that I knew I could make work to partner with the sign. I found a few other things that I had on hand and I was ready to go. Below is the list of items I used for this project:

Once I had my picture in my frame, I got started on my pumpkin. I began by removing the tag and green stem (this is easily removed with a gentle tug). I then created a bigger opening in the center but pushing it through with my finger. Just be careful not to damage your pumpkin. You only need about a nickel sized hole. Because, I was using a lighter material, I put a quick and light coat of white paint all over the pumpkin. This will keep your orange from showing through. After the pumpkin was dry, I put the pumpkin the center of my 16 x 16 square piece of material and began folding pumpkin in the material and pushing the material into the hollow center of the pumpkin. Be sure not to try to do too much material all at once. You want your pumpkin to look smooth and for the material to fit reasonably tight against your pumpkin. Once I was happy with the look of the material on the pumpkin, I added my wooden stem made from a small piece of a tree branch and tied some jute around it. I then added a couple pieces of excess greenery I had laying around. It turned out cute as can be!

I have a small bench in my dining room that was the perfect place for the display I had in mind. I also had a few little miniature pumpkins I had from last year that I pulled out to go along with some more of the greenery I had on hand. Once I placed everything together, I was amazed at how perfect it all came together and I literally hadn’t spent a dime! There’s just something about Fall decor’ that brings warmth to your home and I love keeping my home, and more specifically my dining room, cozy and inviting because, as I always say, it is around the table that we make the best of memories. I hope you enjoyed this project and leave inspired to share your space with others as well! Happy Fall decorating!

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