Fall Dough Bowl

I had been wanting a wooden dough bowl for quite some time and while I was shopping at Dollar General last week, I found the perfect one! AND it was only $5! Can’t beat that right?!! We have a small dining table in our living room that I knew it would be perfect for! We use the table for most of our family dinners and as an overflow table when we have big gatherings. It also doubles as a game table… and a desk… and whatever else we can come up with! It’s actually one of the most used spots in our house. I usually try to come up with something seasonal for the centerpiece and my mind was already on…. you guess it! PUMPKINS!

I gathered up some items and went to work. I first put together another one of my faux fur pumpkins (you can see instructions for that here: https://gatherroundthetablewithang.com/…/diy-faux-fur…/ ). I had some other miscellaneous pumpkins that I threw a quick coat of cream and tan paint on. I finished them off with a little dry brushing with brown paint for added character. Next, I had three fabric pumpkins that I had just bought for a buck each at Family Dollar. One of them was a beautiful creamy white so I left it as is. The other two were dark brown and I wanted to add a little life to them so I pulled out the jute and some more faux fur yarn.

I only had some thin jute so I decided to braid some strands to use for the first pumpkin. I just used some hot glue to attach the three strands together and braided. Once I had enough strands I attached them under the stem with some hot glue. I love how it turned out! For the second one, I used the same concept but with the faux fur yarn cut into strips. Honestly, it wasn’t my fave but when it was in the bowl with all the other items, it definitely worked and helped bring everything together. Sometimes we just have to stay focused on the bigger picture!

I grabbed some greenery, a wooden sign (Dollar Tree/last year but they do have them again this year with different sayings), a small pillow sign (Dollar General/last year) and a set of wooden beads I had made and used for the last Fall season and began putting everything together! I added all my larger pumpkins and my sign first. I decided I didn’t have room for the pillow but managed to get everything else in the bowl. Once I was satisfied with their placement I went in and added the smaller pumpkins, the beads and finally the greenery.

I thought it turned out great and now I’m one step closer to hosting my first fall get together! I’d love to hear what y’all think! If you love the dough bowls as much as I do, I hope you are inspired to give it a try! The Dollar General had several options to choose from so grab ya one and get started! Happy decorating… crafting… all the fun things!

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