DIY Garland

Pom poms, wooden beads, and fabric rag ties all in one place? This has got to be great! Right?!

I needed a garland for my Fall fireplace decor’ so I went to my crafting space and got to work! I began by making a load of pom poms from some multi-colored (but all neutral) yarn I had recently purchased. I simply wrapped the yarn several times around my hand, removed it and tied in the center with some jute. I then cut the loops, trimmed the long pieces and fluffed. These were so easy and turned out adorable!

After making all my pom poms, I cut strips of fabric and faux fur yarn for my rag ties. I made each strip about an inch wide and 16″ long.

Once I had all that prepared, I grabbed my jute and some wooden beads and got to work. I went ahead and threaded the jute through all the beads. Once this step was complete, I began adding the pom poms and rag ties. I tied a pom pom on and separated three beads from the rest and then tied on a rag tie. Each rag tie had two strips of white material, two strips of buffalo plaid material and two strands of the faux fur garland. I eyeballed the spacing between each item and continued this pattern until I had enough garland to span the length of my mantle.

This garland was as simple as can be and added the perfect amount of extra to my mantle. You can check out the complete look here –>

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