My Fall Fireplace

Up until a few years ago, I dreamed of having a fireplace someday so I would have a mantle to decorate. When you love decorating like I do, you are constantly looking at ideas in magazines and online and well, what is nearly always in the beautiful pics you see? Yep, you guessed it. A fireplace! When we purchased our house three years ago, I finally had my dream! And guess what? I still get super excited to change it out with every season.

My vision for my fireplace this Fall was lots of cream, white and a touch of buffalo plaid. I wanted items that would be a stark contrast against the dark brick so I knew these colors were the only way to go! I also knew this decor’ job would need to be done on a tight budget. So I started at the best place to begin… my own home. I gathered up several items that I thought would work with the picture I had in my mind and got to work.

I wanted to start with a clean slate so I removed all my current decor’, gave everything a good sweep with the vacuum and got to work. I had purchased two small wooden windows a year or so ago that I thought would be a great starting point. I added some buffalo plaid ribbon and a small wreath to each of them. These are items I will be able to use with any season so they were a perfect place to start! Next came some fabric pumpkins and candlesticks. Instead of candles, I opted for some fabric pumpkins on top of one set. The other set was a new set of three that I had gotten from Mary and Martha and hadn’t even gotten out of the box until this week. I also used a couple doilies I had gotten from a good friend a couple years ago and added a little greenery and some burlap leaves to finish the top of the mantle off.

I absolutely LOVE a good garland! To me, there is no better way to add some fun and fabulousness to your mantle. I had a small strand of fall leaves that I had actually bought for crafting projects last year that I decided to try to incorporate somehow but I also wanted to do something extra so I created a strand with some crafting supplies I had on hand. Together, they worked perfectly! See how I made it here –>

For the hearth, I utilized a couple buffalo plaid baskets I had purchased a few months ago at Dollar General. I added one to each side but used them totally different. On one side I added a beautiful shaggy cream throw I had gotten from my mother in law last Christmas and a throw pillow. On the other side, I turned this one on its side and spilled out an array of pumpkins I had either painted or made over the past few days. I also incorporated a large white decorating serving tray that I had also gotten from Mary and Martha a few years ago. Next, I finished everything up by adding a cabinet door sign I had DIY’ed, a wooden monogram letter C, a wine bottle with some greenery, a couple more pumpkins and a large lantern.

I do believe this is my favorite Fall fireplace setup to date! The white and cream against the brick made for the perfect combination. Another room complete for the Fall season and with temps in the 40’s tonight, we may be lighting it up too! I hope you love it as much as I do and it sparks some great ideas for you as you transform your home decor’ for the season. I encourage you to take some time to make your space warm and welcoming. You will be so glad you did!

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